(ISO 9001-2008 Certified) Approved By AICTE (New Delhi) & Affilated By H.P. Technical University Hamirpur H.P.(India)

NH-21,Vill-Naulakha, Sundernagar Distt-Mandi, Himachal Pradesh (India)-175019


To provide the practical on hand training in engineering skills, the college has a large and well equipped workshop. Workshop gives basic knowledge and training to the students regarding production, properties of different types of machine tools, equipment machinery. The workshop is equipped with modern machines. The workshop comprises of different shops to give a sound practical knowledge to the students as per following detail:

  • Carpentry Shop
    The carpentry shop is equipped with universal wood cutting machine and other carpentry hand tools.
  • Welding Shop
    The welding shop has portable welding set, oxyacetylene gas welding with all accessories.
  • Fitting Shop
    Fitting shop has bench grinder, surface plate.
  • Sheet Metal Shop
    This shop has universal cutting machine, bending and folding machine, edge folding machine shearing machine and other tools.
  • Electrical Shop
    The electrical shop is equipped with multimeter, voltmeter, drilling machine and other electrical and electronic tools.
  • Smithy & Forging Shop
    The Smithy and Forging shop is equipped with black smith open hearth furnace anvils, power hammer, sand muller and other smithy hand tools. 
  • Foundry Shop
    The equipment in the Foundry shop includes moulding boxes and other moulding tools along with oil fired tilting furnace.